Policyholder FAQs

At ASI, we know how complex insurance can be. That’s why we put together some of our most commonly asked questions about several insurance topics. Our goal is to provide you with the convenience of having the answers at your fingertips. 

If you have general questions about the claims process, please visit our Claims FAQ page. For specific questions regarding your filed claim, please call your claims adjuster directly. Consult your insurance agent with questions about coverage options.

Who do I call if I have general questions about my policy?

The first person you should contact is your insurance agent. The name and phone number of your agent is located in the top left corner of your policy’s Declarations Page or the Policyholder’s Website under the Agent Information title. Your agent should be able to answer any questions you may have. If you need help determining who your agent is, call ASI at 866-274-8765.

Do I need flood insurance if I do not live in a mandatory flood zone?

Yes, everyone lives in a flood zone. Flood is the #1 natural disaster in America. In fact, 33% of all flood claims occur in the low to moderate risk flood zones, which do not mandate flood insurance. To learn more about the risk of floods, please visit FloodSmart.gov.

My agent switched my policy to ASI. How does my mortgage company know who to pay?

We send a letter to your mortgage company and encourage you to do the same.

Can I purchase a policy for my residence in Florida and another for my rental in another state?

Yes. We currently offer homeowners insurance coverage in over 40 states. Check with your local ASI independent agent for details about other states where we may be open for new business.

How will I know if I’m being sued and what should I do?

If you receive a legal “Summons” or “Complaint,” chances are you’re being sued. You should call your claim representative and forward your paperwork as directed. By hesitating, you may run the risk of jeopardizing your coverage.

Can I pay my premium online?

Yes. You must first register and login to the Policyholder section of our website. We accept personal checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards.

Will my homeowners policy cover damage caused by flood?

Typically, a homeowners policy does not cover damage caused by flood or rising water. However, ASI is a National Flood Insurance Program provider and offers flood insurance under a separate policy. Ask your agent for a free flood quote or for more information.

How do I find my agent?

You can find the agent of record on the first page of your application in the 'Agent' box on the upper left corner.'

I am trying to register my policy, but I am getting a "Date of birth does not match record on file".

You will need to have the agent of record update this item for you.

I am trying to register my policy, but I am getting a "Last name does not match record on file".

You will need to have the agent of record verify or correct this item for you.

I am trying to Cancel my Policy, but cannot do it by logging in to my Account.

You will need to have the agent of record cancel your Policy for you.

I am going to move or need to change my mailing address.  How do I change the insured property address?

You will need to contact the agent of record to update either the property or mailing address on file.

How do I update the mortgage information on my policy?

You will need to contact the agent of record to update the mortgage information.

How do I update the interested party information on my policy?

You will need to contact the agent of record to update the interested parties on your policy.

Is my User Name my legal name?

  • Your user name is a screen name. example: JSmith1234  
  • This should not be your legal name
  • You can use your email as your User Name

How do I e-sign my new policy?

  • Once logged into your profile select, “E-signatures required”
  • Check the box located in front of “I agree to conduct this transaction”.
  • Verify your password. Retype your password in the box provided.  Do not let your browser autofill this part.
  • Click “Sign Now”
  • Step 1 - Review your application
  • Step 2 - Click into each of the boxes and enter your initials
  • Step 3 - Enter your full legal name
  • Finally - Click “Sign Now”
  • When successful, you will see a ‘Thank You’ message
  • If not successful, you will be prompted to complete the missing sections

How to make a Payment?

  • Once you are logged in under the desired policy, click on the "Make a Payment" button:
  • Type in the payment amount * Please note a decimal is not required in amount line
  • Fill in the rest of the required information
  • Select “Pay by card” or “Pay by check”
  • Fill out the requested checking or credit payment information.
  • Click “Make a Payment”

How do I see past payments?

Please contact our billing team for assistance with past payment history.

Our Billing department can be reached at (866)274-8765 ext. 1882.

What do I do if there is an error when I attempt to make a payment online?

Please contact our billing department to ensure correct payment has been processed.

Our Billing department can be reached at (866)274-8765 ext. 1882.

What if I want to change my existing log in profile information?

To make changes to your online account, including adding a new policy, please select “Manage my Profile” on the menu, once logged in.  Be sure to select “Save Profile” after any changes are made.

What if I want to add a new policy to my existing profile?

To add a new policy Select “Manage My Profile”, then select “Add a policy to my Profile”. 

Enter the new Policy id, last name and date of birth, then select “Add Policy”.  

Once this information has been added select “Save Profile.

Note: If you need to e-sign your new policy, the system should automatically prompt the e-sign process upon successfully adding your new policy.

What if I need documents for my policy?

Once logged in, use the menu on the left hand side to select “Policy Documents”

You will find a list of documents on this screen.  Select the document you wish to use and save the document as you normally would.

Learn More About Your Policy

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