December 8, 2010

ASI Launches Its Annual Homeowners Battery Campaign

Over three million batteries and counting…ASI continues to send its policyholders replacement batteries for their smoke alarms during its annual Battery Campaign. This campaign is a top priority for the company with the goal to promote fire safety within the home. By sending the batteries to its policyholders, the company is asking them to take the first step to protect themselves, their loved ones and their home.

St. Petersburg, FL (December 8, 2010) - American Strategic Insurance (ASI), a Florida-based property insurance company, launched its 12th annual Battery Campaign to remind its policyholders to replace the batteries in their smoke alarms. The company will send more than 553,510 batteries this year to its homeowners customers to promote fire safety awareness and encourage them to maintain working smoke alarms.

 “There is a simple safety measure that all citizens can take to protect themselves and loved ones from a fire tragedy within their home -- replace the batteries in smoke alarms,” said John Auer, ASI’s President and CEO.

Homeowners are so busy with their normal lives that often they forget the threat of house fires and ensuring their smoke alarms work properly.  This campaign is very popular with policyholders as it serves as a reminder to change batteries during the autumn time change. The Policyholder’s appreciation is apparent each year by the communications from those who have experienced a fire where the smoke alarms functioned properly.  The company has received numerous letters of gratitude for helping save their lives.

“ASI can repair your home, but we can’t replace you or your loved ones. If this campaign saves one life, we’ve accomplished something wonderful,” Auer said.

According to the findings of the U.S. Fire Administration Topical Fire Research Series - Smoke Alarm Performance in Residential Structure Fires study, no smoke alarms were present or operable in nearly 75% of residences where a fire fatality occurred.

“Smoke alarms save lives. We all need to take this step and try to change the statistics for the better,” Auer said.

ASI partners with PARC (Pinellas Association of Retarded Children) to help in the enormous effort required for this mailing.  Over 150 PARC clients, work on ASI’s Battery Campaign and support the company’s effort to help their policyholders stay safe.  PARC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities, to exercise their independence, enjoy an enhanced quality of life and experience life to the fullest.

To learn more about ASI and ways to prevent and protect against fires, visit or call 1-877-ASI-8765.