Resources for Clients

Resources for Clients

At ASI, we believe in educating our policyholders and providing tools to our independent agency partners for ultimate success. Whether you have been asked a few questions you don’t know the answers to, or you simply want to go above and beyond for your clients, it is always a good idea to present your agency as an informative guide for all of your customers. Below are a few helpful resources you can offer to your clients and share with other agents.

Policyholder Educational Tools 

Do your clients need help understanding the structure of a typical P&C policy? Show them our Understanding My Policy page, which provides details that break down common sections and coverages listed in most HO3 policies. 

Are there some terms customers ask about more than others? Check out our Insurance Terms page, where your clients can read definitions of technical terms that may show up in policies, endorsements and other insurance related documents.

Being prepared in advance is also highly important — not just for limiting risk and claims, but also for saving lives and protecting families. Help policyholders learn how to secure their home and take safety measures on the Loss Prevention page.

Frequently Asked Questions 

For general FAQs on policies and insurance, visit the Policyholder FAQ page. For all commonly asked questions about filing claims and the claims process, visit our Claims FAQ page. 

External Resources

Below are links to a variety of reliable, external sources that provide data, tips and other information about fire, natural disasters, weather and more.

Tools for Agency Success

ASI is here to help provide our independent agencies with the tools they need to offer policyholder education, customer service and support every day. For more resources to improve the work your agents do, explore the links below.