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Why It’s Easier to Sell Insurance to Others In Your Age Group

Posted by: Cornelia Winn

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When it comes to selling insurance, you have to focus on the buyer…and focusing on the buyer starts with thinking about who they are. Are they male or female? Single or married? Children or no children? And then there’s one most the most important factors of all—age.

Sure, they say age ain’t nothin’ but a number, but when it comes to selling insurance, this isn’t quite true. It’s simply not effective to sell insurance to a millennial the same way you sell insurance to a baby boomer. And while it’s important to have a broad range of sales skills so you can help clients of all age groups, targeting others in your own age group may be a smart idea, especially for insurance agents just starting their career.

If you’re looking for insight on selling insurance to varying age groups, here’s why it’s easier to sell insurance to those who are your same age.

Finding common ground is a breeze

While we can’t lump everyone who is close in age in the same box, it’s safe to say that it’s often easier to find common ground with those who mirror our demographics. One of the most effective ways to jumpstart a sale is by finding common ground between yourself and your client. And let’s face it—finding common ground with someone in your own age group is often significantly easier than finding it with someone who is decades younger or older.

You have similar understandings of the digital landscape

The digital landscape influences how we sell insurance to different age groups and can ultimately make it easier (or more challenging) to sell to different demographics. While millennials are digital natives, past generations didn’t grow up in the digital age. This can make it hard for new insurance agents to market and sell insurance to Generation X, baby boomers, the Greatest Generation and beyond and vice versa. By focusing on selling to your own age group, you can utilize digital technologies as much or as little as you deem necessary to make transactions smoother.

You understand your age group’s wants and needs

Homeowner trends are constantly changing as the next generation of homebuyers come into play. While insurance agents can follow homeowner behavior all they want, it’s hard to truly understand consumer needs when you’re not going through the same struggles.

Take millennials for example. The millennial generation is significantly different than generations prior. Not only are millennials getting married later in life, but as a result, they’re having children and buying homes later in life too. For insurance agents who aren’t millennials, it can be challenging to communicate the importance of homeowner’s insurance to this generation. On the other hand, insurance agents who are within the millennial age group will likely find it’s easier to make the sale.

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