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How to Help Clients After a Hurricane

Posted by: Cornelia Winn

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It’s easier to forget how powerful Mother Nature can truly be—that is, until a natural disaster strikes, leaving families left to recover from a catastrophic event.

As we are well into an already active hurricane season and thousands are still reeling from the effects of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, now is a great time for insurance agents to go the extra mile for their clients. If you’re looking for advice on how to help your clients following a hurricane, here are five ways to get started.

Don’t Assume Anything

You know what they say about assuming—well, this especially true following a catastrophic event. One of the most important things you can do to help clients after a hurricane. First and foremost do not assume that you know exactly what your client will need. Sure, you may be the go-to resource for their home-related needs following a hurricane, but be sure to listen to their situation completely before assessing the damage.

It’s natural to want to start fixing things as soon as possible, but before you dive in head first, take a step back and listen.

Use Your Network

As an insurance agent, you likely have a strong network of other agents and disaster recovery specialists within your community. But you may not realize that these relationships can be one of your best resources following a hurricane.

Insurance agents and disaster recovery specialists are inundated with service calls during and after extreme weather, but by leveraging your personal relationships with them, you may be able to help your clients receive faster services. Hurricanes can cause unprecedented damages for homeowners, so any extra resources can help. If you don’t have a solid network yet, start networking to build these relationships.

If you have already completed insurance reviews with your clients then you can be an invaluable resource to them following a hurricane. If necessary, pull up their insurance documents, locate their benefits and claims numbers and start the process as fast as possible.

You can also be helpful by providing them with documentation about how much coverage they have. This way, they are automatically informed when they talk with an insurance agent. Better yet, if you personally know the insurance agents your clients will be working with, leverage those relationships for an even smoother transaction.

Be Available

During trying times, your clients will rely on you more than normal. While checking in with your clients following a hurricane is a no-brainer, go the extra mile and continue to see how they are doing post-hurricane. Homeowners who experience a catastrophic loss have to come to terms with a new reality, which is not an easy process. Having an insurance agent they can rely on, who is available whenever they need, will be invaluable to them.

Be Human

Experiencing complete home destruction is an almost unimaginable scenario, but it happens—and during those times, insurance agents can ease the stress of a traumatic event by being empathetic and supportive. Sometimes, just having an extra person who takes the time to listen to them and their struggles can make a world of difference.

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