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5 Ways to Boost Agency Awareness Through Social Media

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Have you thought about getting your agency set up on a few social media platforms this year? Or has your agency been on social media for a while, but you haven’t seen much traction or a significant jump in sales leads? Whether you have yet to reap the benefits of social media for your agency or you aren’t sure how to improve your following and engagement, here are some simple steps you can take to boost your agency awareness through social media this year.

Post Videos and Images

People love visuals, be it a video, a photograph, an infographic or a slideshow. According to Hubspot, videos are shared 12 times more than links and text posts combined. Photos are also “liked” twice as much as text updates. Not sure what kind of visual posts to start with? Consider posting images and videos of your agents, agency locations, activities in the workplace, or involvement with community projects or events.

Ask Questions

Another great way to get people more engaged on your social media pages is by asking questions. Imagine each social media platform as a conversation you want to have with your audience (your current and prospective clients). Standard in-person conversations almost always involve a question-and-answer format, or at least some form of sharing ideas between more than one person. Don’t always let your agency’s voice be the only one heard. If you’re looking to really get people engaged with what you have to say, ask them questions. To give you some inspiration, check out this list of questions to ask your social media audience.

Participate and Engage

If you want your audience to engage with your agency’s page, sometimes you have to take the first step in initiating participation. Begin searching for other people and businesses that relate to your industry. For example, as a homeowners insurance agent, you could consider reaching out to real estate agents, mortgage lenders or construction companies. Follow them, participate in their discussions, do some networking. Oftentimes when you open this door it creates a two-way street: they will return the favor. This can lead to great connections for your agency to build long-term relationships with people who can have a huge impact on bringing you more business and awareness.  

Use Social Media for Customer Service

Although this option is not a perfect fit for every agency, using social media as a platform for customer service can broaden your market reach. Millennials, in particular, may be more inclined to reach out with questions and concerns through the Internet than through phone calls. Take advantage of this by allowing them to reach out to your agency through your social media pages. Whether you have a team of individuals helping you stay on top of this or you hire a designated person to relay messages to the right people in your agency, this might be a good option to try in 2016.

Personalize Your Agency

People like to engage with businesses that they feel understand them more or can talk to them on a personal level. Especially for small agencies, it is highly important to personalize yourself as an agency your community can feel comfortable talking to, reaching out to for advice, or for concerns and questions. Try personalizing your pages with names and photos of your team members, or quotes from agents about why they love doing what they do. This can go a long way in boosting awareness, engagement and potentially even sales leads if done on a regular basis.