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5 Habits of Highly Effective Insurance Agents

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Many say motivation is what gets you started, but habit is what keeps you going. This couldn’t be truer for highly effective insurance agents. But what habits set apart the good from the great? We examined habits of highly effective insurance agents and found these were the common threads.

1. They’re Driven

To succeed in any career, you need to be driven. A driven mindset is the difference between simply having a job and having a career. But what does having a career-driven mindset really mean? To highly effective insurance agents, this means taking full responsibility for your career path and personal development — something that is especially important for independent insurance agents. An article on the Coaching Positive Performance website says it best:

“When you lack a career-driven mindset, you abdicate responsibility. You end up working whatever job becomes available and any development that you might experience is left in the hands of others. You become a utility for the organization to use as it pleases and discard when they no longer need you.”

2. They’re Available

The internet has drastically changed how we communicate. We no longer live in a world where insurance agents dictate when they communicate with their clients. A common habit among highly effective insurance agents is that they make sure they are available not just when it’s convenient for them, but for those they’re working with.

Availability takes many different shapes. It could mean being available to chat with prospects and clients via Twitter, Facebook Messenger or text messages throughout the day — or as simple as saying goodbye to your phone tree and hello to having an actual person answer every phone call.

3. They’re Focused

Staying focused can be hard, but it’s a habit that the best insurance agents cultivate. By paying attention to their tasks at hand and not allowing distractions to become excuses for poor productivity, highly effective insurance agents get more done and deal with challenges well.

4. They Take Risks

Lots of people avoid taking risks for the fear of failing. But when you’re so focused on not failing, you miss out on valuable opportunities and lessons. More so, when people avoid taking risks, they tend to play it safe. They have mediocre goals, which yield mediocre results. Highly effective insurance agents embrace fear and take risks, knowing that failure is just a chance to learn, adapt and grow.

5. They’re Persistent

Building a successful insurance career doesn’t happen overnight. You will face challenges, hardships, and losses that can be intimidating and downright discouraging. The best insurance agents are persistent and don’t give up, despite their letdowns.