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3 Things Every New Insurance Agent Should Know

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Starting a new career in insurance can be intimidating for anyone — growing your clientele base, gathering referrals, and finding creative ways to stay ahead of the competition can be challenging. But successful insurance agents didn’t achieve greatness overnight.

Building Your Clientele Is Challenging, But Worth the Extra Effort

As a new insurance agent, one of the biggest challenges you will face at the beginning of your career is building your clientele. Ultimately, there is no one method of lead generation that will work for everyone. There are, however, endless ways to generate leads — and the more things you try, the more you will realize what does and doesn’t work for you.

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Referrals Are Your Friend

As a new insurance agent, referrals are invaluable. If you haven’t already started a referral rewards program, you should. When executed properly, a referral program can become a fresh source of new leads on a daily basis. Not sure where to start? Read up on Tips for Creating a Referral Rewards Program.

Get Creative With Your Marketing Efforts, But Don’t Ignore Sales Fundamentals

Social media has changed how we market ourselves professionally — but while upping your social media marketing game can help grow your insurance business, it’s important to apply sales fundamentals too. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, automated text message and others are helpful tools that can make things easier and more effective for agents, but ultimately, people sell insurance.

When it comes to selling insurance, you have to build relationships with your clients. This means always remembering that your job is to find the best product for your client’s needs. If you’re a new agent, observational skills are a fundamental part of building relationships. Look, read, listen and watch what successful insurance agents are doing. How do they dress? What is their tone? What do they say? What can you learn from them? Keep this is mind and use these skills in conjunction with newer marketing strategies.