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3 Ways New Agents Can Overcome the ‘Too-Young’ Stigma

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Being an insurance agent is hard work. Being a young insurance agent can be even harder. No matter how educated you are, how much training you’ve had, or how much experience you’ve got under your belt, people will write you off because of your age.

This can make things challenging for new insurance agents in an already-challenging industry. But if you’ve been faced with hesitant clients because of your age and newness to the insurance industry, fear not. Here are three ways you can overcome the “too-young” stigma and start growing your clientele today.

1. Acknowledge that you’re young and use your youth as a strength

Sometimes owning what you’re working with is the best option. If you are young and new to the insurance industry, technical industry jargon and a nice suit won’t fool prospective clients. One of the best ways to approach your age is to be upfront with your prospective clients. Acknowledge the fact that you are young and new to the industry and see if this is a deal breaker for them. Doing this at the beginning of your conversation will save everyone time in the long run.

If your prospective client decides to work with you, now is the time to use your youth as a strength. Although you may be new to the industry and have years (and maybe even decades) less of experience than insurance veterans, this doesn’t mean you’re any less motivated. Show your clients that you being new the industry makes you hungry for success and that you are willing and capable of doing anything to make sure they are protected.

When building client trust, it’s important they understand how important they are to you. Be sure to focus lots of time and attention to their needs. This means, over delivering, calling back right away and following up immediately.

2. Find your niche market

For young insurance agents just starting their careers, finding your niche market can’t be stressed enough. The majority of successful salespeople will tell you that this is the key to becoming a known and trusted adviser.

Insurance is a complicated product that homeowners invest a lot of time, money, and faith into, so it’s no surprise your clients want to know that you’re credible. One way to build credibility quickly is by finding a niche where you can make your presence known.
Niche markets don’t have to be related solely to your industry either. While you can definitely become an expert in any area you please, don’t forget about product or relational niches too. For example, you could become an expert on condo insurance and become the go-to person at a nearby condo homeowner’s association. Whatever niche market you choose, your end goal should be to gain credibility and expertise, which can decrease the “too young” stigma.

3. Use social media to your advantage

If you’re a young insurance agent, chances are you don’t remember a time in your life when the internet wasn’t a part of it. With the social media boom happening in the last decade, use this tool and other digital marketing best practices to set you apart from insurance vets who haven’t embraced the digital sphere.

Using social media, you can connect with clients (both prospective and current), build your personal brand, share valuable information that can help your clients, get great feedback and much more.