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Insurance Agent Customer Service Tactics That Make a Difference

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Just because insurance is a commodity, doesn’t mean you should treat your clients with subpar customer service. In everything you do, there’s always an opportunity to do a little more to go above and beyond for your clients. If you’re looking for easy customer service tactics you can start implementing, here are four that can make a huge difference.

Be an adviser, but also an educator

Your clients turn to you to help them get the best coverage for them. But beyond helping them know what policies to invest in, it’s important to help them understand why doing so is beneficial.

Let’s face it — insurance is a big investment, and no one likes shelling out their hard-earned money without understanding what exactly they’re getting and why it’s important. Don’t assume that your clients fully understand their policies. Take the time to walk them through everything so they will understand how their policies protect them.

Wish your clients a happy birthday

Have you ever received a birthday card from your doctor or a favorite company of yours? However corny it may seem, people usually appreciate getting a card in the mail. Sending individual birthday cards to your clients is an easy and inexpensive way to make them feel special and like they’re more than a number to you.

Praise your clients on social media

Whether it’s a like, comment, retweet or shout out, it feels good to get internet praise every once in awhile. If you haven’t already, start using social media to connect with your clients to make them feel good. For example, once your clients sign up for a policy, give them a short and sweet thank you via Twitter, Facebook, or another social media outlet. It only takes a minute and gives them the warm fuzzies we all want.

Respond to your clients as fast as possible

This might seem like a basic rule of customer service, but it’s so important. When someone reaches out to you — whether it’s via social media, email, or phone call — get back to them as soon as possible. The longer they go without a response from you, the longer they’re faced with an unsolved problem. If a busy schedule makes responding to everyone promptly a challenge, try setting aside a time to answer customer problems.