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3 Digital Marketing Strategies for Insurance Agencies

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In today’s digital-centric world, relying solely on your face-to-face sales skills isn’t enough. In order to take full advantage of the opportunities available, it’s important for insurance agents to not only have traditional sales strategies in place, but digital marketing strategies too. If you have yet to dive into the world of digital marketing, or want to take your digital marketing strategies to the next level, check out three helpful tips below.

1. Invest in a quality website

If you don’t already have a professional website, make it a priority. Today, insurance agents can generate the majority of their leads via a great personal website. Remember, your website is essentially your digital first impression so it’s important for you to really impress prospective and current clients. That means haphazardly throwing together a couple of webpages won’t cut it. Consider working with a digital marketing agency or professional developer to help you create a website that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and promotes conversions.

2. Utilize Facebook advertising

With 1.49 billion monthly active users and 968 million daily active users, everyone is on Facebook these days. If you have yet to take advantage of advertising your insurance agency via Facebook, the social media platform can help generate serious leads. Facebook Ads is easy to use and guides you through the setup process so you can easily target potential clients based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors and connections. With all of this data essentially at your fingertips, you can run an inexpensive ad campaign that will dramatically expand your reach.

3. Create video content

Did you know 76 percent of B2B marketers and 72 percent of B2C marketers are now producing video content to engage with clients? With YouTube, Vimeo and other video-sharing social media platforms growing in popularity, internet users are consuming content in more ways than just text. Creating video content is a great opportunity to connect and engage with clients in new and unique ways — plus, creating video content is fun! Need video content ideas? Here are a few concepts to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Introduce your insurance agency, detailing your mission statement and introducing the team
  • Create team member bio videos detailing employee’s background, hobbies, etc.
  • Record an FAQ series answering questions from clients
  • Detail promotional offers
  • Highlight clients or welcome new clients aboard
  • Send clients well wishes for birthday, holidays, etc.