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Quick Tips for Closing Sales Every Insurance Agent Needs to Know

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No matter what kind of insurance you sell, as an agent, closing a sale is your end goal. If you’re in a slump or looking to size up your sales skills, read the following three cardinal rules for closing sales.

1. Listen more than you talk

You’re an expert in your field so it can be easy to meet with a client and start talking about the policies you think are right for them. Your clients, however, don’t know the ins and outs of insurance policies, so immediately rambling off information to them can be overwhelming. It’s important to always remember to listen more than you talk, especially when trying to close a sale. Be sure to ask your prospective clients about them — their lifestyle, family, plans for the future and more. By listening to them, you will be able to help them choose the right policy for their unique needs.

2. Explain how a product can help

The insurance agents who continuously close sale after sale all have one thing in common: they provide solutions, not just products. Your prospective clients are already interested in investing in an insurance policy, so rather than listing your offerings, focus on how a product can help. For example, explain to your prospective clients how a product you’re offering can help them with a current issue they have or could potentially have will help them envision a real-life scenario. This is far more effective than listing bullet points about a product and is ultimately, more likely to end in a sale.

3. Be memorable

While some sales are quick and easy with prospective clients closing then and there, others may take some time to think about their decision. In instances like this, it’s important you have something to give to prospective clients to remember you by. Something as simple as a professional business card will suffice as they may have follow-up questions and need to reach you.