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4 Ways Insurance Agents Should Be Using Social Media to Make Sales

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Does your agency utilize social media platforms to boost agency awareness and engagement, or is your internet presence currently lacking? Whether you have yet to take advantage of the power of social media, or are looking for ways to increase your following online, here are four easy steps you can implement in your sales strategy starting today.

Be personable

Insurance has seldom been known for being an industry that emotionally connects and interacts with consumers. However, insurance covers extremely emotional events in consumers’ lives. That’s why social media platforms are a great place to show a more personable side of your agency. When your agency takes a less sales-focused approach on social media, opting to be professional yet personable, you can create strong customer connections and establish your brand’s reputation as being customer-centric, ethical and trustworthy.

Schedule posts regularly

Social media consumption habits are always changing, which is why there is no truly right or wrong answer when it comes to how often you post — just make sure you are scheduling your posts regularly to establish your presence online. Carve out some time to research how often you should post to get the best engagement and keep up with best practices for social sharing. Tracking engagement can also give you valuable insight into when your posts see the highest level of activity.

Post about a variety of topics

Just because you sell insurance doesn’t mean that you are limited to only posting about insurance. By posting a variety of insurance-related topics (think home improvement, home maintenance, car care and the like), you can pique followers’ interest, grow your following, increase engagement and show that you don’t only care about driving users back to your website in the process.

Use blogs to drive readers back to your website

While social media is a great place to establish your agency as personable and post about a variety of topics to establish customer connections, driving users to your website is still imperative — and one of the most effective ways to do this is by creating high-quality blog content. Posting content on your agency’s blog is a great way to inform your readers about insurance-related topics and establish your agency as a leader in the industry. Without social media, however, your blog content can fall flat. Once you have created blogs, push them out via social media platforms and include an enticing call to action. Not only will these provide a beneficial resource to your followers, but it will drive readers back to your website and ultimately help generate leads.