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3 Ways to Leverage Seasonality and Current Events to Sell Insurance

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Seasonality and current events play a large role in both selling insurance and marketing yourself as an agent. If Florida is having an active hurricane season during the summer, homeowners are likely taking a second look at their homeowners insurance policy — while homeowners planning to travel abroad may want to invest in travel insurance. Similarly, if everyone is talking about the same breaking news story regarding a flood, homeowners are probably reconsidering their flood insurance too.

Ultimately, if you’re not already leveraging seasonality and current events to sell more, you may be missing out on making more sales. Read on to learn three ways you can start leveraging both in your insurance sales strategy today.

1. Watch the forecast — literally

Sometimes seasonality is quite literally about the seasons — and different seasons bring different needs when it comes to insurance coverage. A good strategy is to check for gaps in your current clients’ policies and see where they could benefit from additional coverage before extreme weather seasons. Leading into those seasons, try sending out a digital or printed reminder to customers who could be affected by weather-related damage (think flooding, hail, high winds and the like), and offer helpful tips on how they can keep their family and property safe. Clients will appreciate the extra effort on your part, and may rethink their current insurance policy.

2. Stay on top of news and events

Whether your customer base is in a specific region or spread out internationally, staying on top of news and events (both local and international) is imperative to making sales. Beyond reading various news sources each day, you can try things like setting Google Alerts to email you when certain keywords are mentioned in breaking news stories or sending push notifications to your smartphone when a new event is announced. From here, you can start leveraging this information to help increase sales.

3. Use what’s trending to connect with clients on a personable level

The recent Olympic Games were a big event that had millions of people worldwide tuning in and taking to social media to share their commentary. Current events like this offer agents a unique chance to connect with clients (both current and prospective) in a fun and engaging way. With the Olympics for example, you could write a fun blog about insurance and athletes (like these 10 athletes who actually have body parts insured). Whatever route you take, this is a great way to connect with a broader audience and boost sales while getting to flex your creative brain too.