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6 Qualities That Make a Great Insurance Agent

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Being a good insurance agent requires a unique mixture of qualities. But what sets a good insurance agent apart from a great insurance agent? If you’re looking to go from good to great, read on to learn six qualities industry-leading insurance agents have.

1. They put their clients’ needs first

As an insurance agent, you provide one of the most important commodities your clients may ever invest in. That’s why putting your clients’ needs first is an absolute must. The best insurance agents help their clients find the right policies to fit their specific needs, rather than up-selling policies they don’t. Putting your clients’ needs over your own personal gain is a characteristic of a great insurance agent.

2. They offer extraordinary customer service

Customer service isn’t limited to the food and retail industries. While investing in insurance is almost a necessity these days, this doesn’t mean that clients will choose to work with any old agent. Ultimately, clients still want to work with agents they feel respect them, which is why insurance agents who offer extraordinary customer service make more sales and retain more clients. After all, people want to do business with people they like.

3. They’re emotionally intelligent

A great insurance agent isn’t just book-smart, but emotionally smart too. Being able to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically is just as important as being able to tactfully close a sale and manage your business.

4. They’re persistent, but know when to stand back

Great insurance agents have mastered the fine balance between being persistent and knowing when to stand back. While persistence is key to closing a sale, being too pushy can make prospective clients weary of doing business with you. Not sure how to hone this skill? Try seeking advice from a mentor who has been in the biz for a while and has an upstanding reputation.

5. They’re flexible

With many homeowners working 9-to-5 jobs away from home, it can be challenging to meet with prospective insurance agents at the drop of a dime. Understanding this and adapting to your clients’ schedules by offering flexible hours can help set you apart from the rest.

6. They love what they do

Do you love the work you do? No matter how cliché it sounds, great agents all share one characteristic: passion. Being passionate about what you do will get you farther in your career than simply working for a paycheck. If you view your work as an opportunity to help others rather than simply making sales, you will be more fulfilled and your clients will benefit too.