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How to Sell Umbrella Insurance

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As an insurance agent, selling policies is challenging enough. So when it comes to selling umbrella insurance, it can be an even bigger challenge since clients often don’t consider this type of policy a necessity. While you already know the significant benefits umbrella insurance can have for your clients, sometimes you need a little extra push when it comes to helping them see those benefits. Not sure where to get started? These four tactics can help you drive umbrella insurance sales.

Offer umbrella insurance to everyone

How often do you tell prospective clients about umbrella insurance? If you do not regularly offer umbrella insurance to every customer, try working this information into your routine. You may find that homeowners aren’t aware of what umbrella insurance is or how it can benefit them. It’s also a good idea to offer umbrella insurance in conjunction with homeowners insurance since selling coverage upfront as part of the package versus a subsequent renewal help retain customers.

Explain the breadth of coverage you offer

While umbrella insurance is a worthwhile investment, many of your current clients might not know that you offer coverage. For this reason, it is a good idea to remind your clients of the breadth of coverage you offer. You can do this in many ways, including sending postcards, running articles in newsletters, posting to your social media accounts and personal website, or sending emails.

Use emotional appeal

Even though umbrella insurance is a sound investment for your clients, not everyone thinks they need additional coverage. Oftentimes, however, clients better understand the importance of umbrella insurance when presented with a real-life scenario. Ultimately, sometimes real-world examples of when umbrella insurance is needed are critical to outline the importance of the coverage.

Debunk umbrella insurance myths

There are lots of myths surrounding umbrella insurance, which makes selling policies difficult. While it can be challenging, giving your clients factual information can help debunk umbrella insurance-related myths and help you close the deal. One of the most common myths regarding umbrella insurance is that it is only for the wealthy. However, this is entirely untrue, and many of your clients probably have more exposure than they think.