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5 Uncommon Ways to Network Your Agency

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As you may already know, marketing your insurance agency to others in your community is vital to growth and success, especially these days. Now more than ever before, reaching new audiences and beating your competition can be extremely tough. But it’s helpful to know that one thing still stays true: people like to do business with other people they can trust and relate to.

Rather than throwing your business card around at every networking event you can attend, try a few of these different ways to network your agency as a company people want to purchase insurance from.

1. Talk About Your Story

How did you come to work in the insurance business? What made you decide to build your own agency? How does your agency strive to be different from the rest? Talking about your story to others can go a long way in helping other people to listen more closely, relate to you and remember you after the networking event is over.

You can even tell your story online through social media or on your agency’s website. Talk about your challenges and achievements. Dabble in some personality and emotion if you can. The key is to be approachable, rather than seeming like someone who is always making a sales pitch to everyone you meet.

2. Speak Up

Ever thought about being a speaker at a local networking event? Many organizations and networking groups are always looking for people to speak on stage at various events throughout the year. While it may sound intimidating, this may be a great way to reach out to a wide audience all at once, which can help lead to connections, leads or partnerships down the road. Chances are you’ll even have a few people strike up a conversation with you right after speakers are done.

3. Do the Unexpected

Many people don’t often strike up a conversation with someone at the airport or coffee shop, even when they overhear something that might be relatable to them. However, this might just be a simple way to continuously meet new people in your community who can become contacts and connections for your insurance agency down the road. Don’t be afraid to do the unexpected. Be friendly and courteous, while remembering not to jump right in about your business. Focus on making yourself a warm and welcoming resource they may want to talk with again down the road.

4. Reach Out to Students

Whether you volunteer at a local community college or you attend one of the university’s job fairs, reaching out to students in business, communications and risk management can help young and talented individuals learn more about your agency. Networking with millennials can attract them to your company through awareness and through direct conversation.

5. Get Involved With Your Community

Doing philanthropic work may take time, effort or money, but it can have a variety of benefits for your insurance agency. From building a strong and positive reputation with others in your area, to making countless new connections with people you may not otherwise meet, philanthropy can show that you care more about doing good than about making a profit. You can even have your whole agency get involved through fundraisers and other events local charities are hosting. Networking doesn’t always have to be all business cards and digital media marketing — you may accomplish more when you aim to help others first.