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5 Best Traits of a Great Insurance Agent

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Are you considering a career change to the insurance industry? Or are you involved in the hiring process at your agency? Whether you are trying to figure out if you’re a perfect fit for an insurance agent position or you need help narrowing down to the best candidates for potential new hires, it’s important to know the answer to the big question first: What traits do all great insurance agents have in common?

Below is a short list of the top qualities the most successful agents typically show on a regular basis.

People Skills

The insurance industry is a relationship business, through and through. This is the most vital trait all agents hold, whether natural or practiced through years of experience. Especially for a position that often involves spending over half of each day on the phone with potential customers and current clients, people skills are a must to survive and excel as an agent.

The best individuals in this career have a knack for saying the right thing, being able to relate to others, empathizing with customers and picking up on verbal or physical signs (i.e.; reading people).

Resilience and Persistence

Just like other roles that involve selling products or services and living (even partially) off of commission, great agents are excellent at being resilient during tough or stressful times. They are also not willing to give up easily, often continuing to bring in new leads day in and day out.


Having a general knowledge of various products, services and technical information related to the industry (such as underwriting processes) can go a long way for someone in an agent role. Instead of looking things up constantly, which often takes time away from closing the sale or communicating with customers, a successful agent knows the best pieces of advice and next steps to suggest to their clients right off the bat.


Agents with the highest success rates are those who also understand how communication is key to everything they do. Sometimes this is as major as communicating clearly with clients over the phone, but other times this is seen in minor — but just as important — steps, such as proofreading emails and updating customers regularly on claims or underwriting processes.


This career is also not for those who care more about themselves or their own successes than they do about helping other people. Great agents are fantastic at their jobs when they understand the need to be focused on the consumer’s needs and perspective. They don’t underestimate the importance of the industry or of the coverage people rely on in bad situations.