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Five Tips for New Insurance Agents

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Are you new to the industry or have you recently joined an agency? Congratulations! You’re likely on your way to discovering the many benefits a career in insurance offers.

However — just like with any new job — it’s vital that you consider a few key things if you want to become a leader at your company. Here are five useful tips for new insurance agents that are sure to get you on the track to success.

1. Listen Closely

Whether you have worked in sales in the past or not, an essential aspect of being an insurance agent is being a great listener. While this is also crucial in-house, listening closely is of the utmost importance when making and answering calls with your current and prospective customers.

Be sure to listen more and speak less, so you are able to make the best suggestions you can for your client’s individual needs. Try focusing most of your speech to questions, which will allow your customers to describe their problems and concerns, as well as make them feel appreciated since they are being heard rather than simply spoken to.

2. Market Yourself

If you’re going to make a living through sales, then you have to learn how to market yourself in a variety of ways to several audiences. Whether you take advantage of your current network by asking for referrals or you begin to branch out and utilize online marketing to promote your brand, successful and consistent marketing is a core requirement of being a leader at your agency.

As you reach out to others, make sure to consider who your audiences are, what their needs are and what products or services you provide could be beneficial to them. Position yourself as someone who can be a resource and someone who can offer solutions to their problems. This will go a long way in helping your career.

3. Keep Learning

One big factor in the insurance industry you should remember is that there will always be changes in the market. These changes can happen as a result of natural disasters, economic decline or incline, social trends or other unknown factors and the best insurance agents are those who pay close attention to the market. Continue your learning experiences by reading industry journals, blogs and books.

You should also challenge yourself to keep learning by making connections with those around you. If your agency has been around for more than a few years, chances are there are a few experienced agents you can talk to or create a mentorship with. There are also several major conferences and conventions across the U.S. that provide information and tools about the industry you could find useful as a new agent.    

4. Don’t Forget the Importance of Customer Service

Although closing the sale is important (and an essential part of making a living as an agent), your first priority should always be to provide the highest quality customer service. Not only does this tactic often lead to a high closing ratio, but you also provide a great experience for customers who will likely refer you to others they know and see your company as one they want to continue doing business with.

In order to provide great customer service, try to be relatable to your customers. It might also be a good idea to keep note of the best and worst phrases to use when selling insurance.

5. Set Achievable Goals

Remember, you are just starting out. While the thought of your potential success in the insurance industry is exciting and something to be proud of, you should attempt to set humble, achievable goals at first. Many first-time insurance agents fail because they expect too much too soon. Becoming a leader at your agency will require time, hard work (a lot of it) and an expanded network of clientele. Set smaller goals initially and work your way up to the bigger ones over time.