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Why Your Agency Needs a Sales Manager

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If you have a small agency that is still in the early stages of growing, having a top-notch sales team is highly important. However, for those that have expanded to 20, 30 or even bigger numbers of insurance agents, it could be the perfect time for you to start considering how a sales manager may benefit your agency.

Here are a few reasons why and how doing so can benefit your agency long term:

Your Sales Success Depends on a Great Sales Manager

One simple comparison to help you see the value of a sales manager is that of a football head coach. Without an organized, motivated and experienced leader for your agency’s sales team, your agents are like a group of great individual players without someone to push them toward their goal of winning each game.

While they may be talented and highly trained experts in the field of insurance, a sales manager can help them reach that extra mile your company needs to truly stand out.  

Education and Motivation Keep Your Agents Selling

Not only will a strong sales manager help keep your agency focused on clear, attainable goals, but he or she can continue to educate and motivate your insurance agents. This may help top agents to keep up the good work (or set new profit records) while at the same time boost struggling agents so that your average sales continue to grow each month.

What Qualities to Look for in a Sales Manager

The first two characteristics of a great sales manager are analytical ability and judgment. Be sure you find someone who can analyze current and old data involved with your sales team and have a strong sense of judgment to determine the right method of improvement going forward.

The right sales manager should also have extremely good communication and cooperation skills. These cannot be underestimated enough: without knowing how to communicate with others effectively and how to work with others with minimal conflict can go a long way to upholding company culture and employee retainment.

Other great qualities in a sales manager include initiative, dependability, creativity, organization, problem-solving, enthusiasm and the ability to work well under pressure.