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How to Advise Policyholders After a Flood

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Natural disasters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, nearly all of which are unpredictable, showing up when we least expect them. After they have come and gone, however, people are often left with damages to their homes and a huge impact on their lives. One type of disaster, which can be both slow and quick to arrive, is a flood — a situation that leaves many with the tough process of filing a water damage claim.

Your job, as a P&C insurance agent, is to make sure that after claims (like flood and other water damage claims) occur, your clients understand the resources available to them and the basic steps to get their homes and lives back to pre-flood status. Here are some fundamental things to remember when advising your policyholders after a flood.

First Things First: Safety, Security and Compassion

When a policyholder has just been through a natural disaster or has recently discovered they need to make a water damage claim, it’s essential that you show empathy toward the client by asking if they are safe, suggesting to secure their home and providing any other condolences you can give that show you relate to their difficult situation.

Placing yourself in the policyholder’s shoes can help the rest of the process go smoother. You will likely be able to help soothe any initial worries they may have by doing so, and can even position yourself as a trustworthy resource they will want to continue doing business with long term.

Review the Client’s Policy

Before diving headfirst into the claims process, you first need to understand what type of policy (or policies) your client has. Check to see whether they have a standard homeowner’s policy only, a flood-specific policy, or a flood endorsement added to their homeowners policy. This will help you to better assist them with questions during the claims process.

Provide Resources and Suggestions

Many policyholders do not understand the best steps to take or the best person to contact initially in the case of a water claim. Sometimes, former agents, friends or family members may try to guide your client but will unknowingly provide incorrect information when it comes to figuring out loss.

At ASI, our Claims Department can assist you and your clients with finding the best point of contact for each water claim situation. Our team at ASI strives to guide our independent agents and policyholders in the right direction every time.

We are here to offer our resources to you and our policyholders first and foremost. If your client uses ASI, give us a call at 866-ASI-LOSS. We have a preferred vendor list we can share with you and provide suggestions on how to proceed with water claims procedures.