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How to Utilize Twitter to Promote Your Agency

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Insurance has historically been an industry often stuck in the traditional mindset and is slow to change. Times are changing. Now more than ever insurers, independent agencies and those who work in insurance are taking advantage of new technological modes of conducting business and promoting their brands.

If your agency has yet to hop aboard the Twitter train, here are some ways you can utilize this social platform to bring in new clients and network with others in the industry.

Follow Other Twitter Users

One of the first steps to successfully using Twitter as an agency is to begin following other users. This helps you learn how others use the social network. While following various kinds of users is great, it’s best to first determine exactly who you want to follow and why.

Consider your audience (homeowners, for example) but also consider following experts in the field (such as insurance publications), competitors in your area or even a page directed towards your specific line of insurance (P&C, for instance).

Participate in Conversations

As you watch what other people and businesses share on Twitter, start engaging in conversations. If someone asks a question no one has answered yet, share your input or experience. Try and engage in a way more focused on educating and assisting others than on throwing in your sales pitch.

Use Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are great for having your tweets reach more people, especially ones that people are using on a regular or time-sensitive basis. If you are at a networking conference, for example, chances are there is at least one hashtag most attendees are using. If you have a special marketing campaign you are planning to run, you could also consider creating your own hashtag — just make sure it’s a hashtag that others will be likely to use and will boost your brand.

Tweet Your Blogs

If your agency has a blog with helpful content for homeowners or other people in the industry, share the links to your blog posts on Twitter. This not only suggests to others that you are a great resource and contact to have but also brings traffic back to your website and can help boost leads as a result. If you don’t have a blog, consider making one and start sharing away!