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3 Easy Ways for Agencies to Boost Positivity

Posted by: Cornelia Winn

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Whether your agency has a hard time achieving a low employee turnover rate or simply has too much negativity moving around, it is in your best interest to invest a little time and effort in boosting positivity in your office. Here are a few easy ways for insurance agencies to keep employees happy (and maybe even make other agents wish they were working for you).

Show Appreciation to Your Agents

One of the quickest and simplest ways to begin boosting positivity is by spreading a little love: show your agents and other team members gratitude and recognize successes. You can achieve this in a variety of ways. Some agencies may do this in a team setting during weekly meetings, where agents are encouraged to point out great work other team members are doing.

Other agencies may choose to show appreciation individually, by saying phrases like, “Great job! Keep it up!” or “Thank you!” Find what works for you, whether it takes one form or a combination of things.

Provide Positive — Yet Constructive — Feedback

Employees who not only feel like they are doing a good job but feel as though they areencouraged to do better with specific feedback on a regular basis are more likely to view their company in a positive light. Providing your agents with appreciation (even in the smallest form) is important, but challenge your agency to take this one step further. Reinforce the feedback you give with constructive advice on where they are excelling and in what ways they can grow and develop with your agency on a higher level.

Create Incentives and Rewards for Your Agents

Have a specific sales goal in mind for this quarter? Hoping to double the number of policies you sell by the end of the year? Consider making incentives and rewards for your agents to be excited about.

You could employ this idea in a variety of ways, such as setting tiers of certain types of rewards dependent upon the level of success you want them to achieve. From gift cards to paid time off and vacations, come up with a few that work for your team. The key here is to have the rewards centered around your agency’s goals and to have goals that are attainable.