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7 Insurance Books All Agencies Should Read

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One of the most important ways you can become a leader in the insurance industry is by continuing to educate yourself and provide helpful tools to your agents. Insurance is a field that continues to readjust itself according to new technologies, market changes and (unfortunately) natural disasters.

Even if you stay up to date on the latest news through online industry journals and magazines, some of the best and most conclusive information or advice can be found in a more traditional format: books. To help you and your agents become the best in the business, check out these seven insurance books that are sure to inspire, challenge and guide you to success.

1. How I Built A $37 Million Insurance Agency In Less Than 7 Years, Darren Sugiyama

Published in 2011, Sugiyama’s book discusses the secrets of his success in the insurance industry in a fun and enlightening way. Not only is it highly recommended by readers, it’s also likely to bring some long-term results for you and your agency.

2. The Breakthrough Insurance Agency: How to Multiply Your Income, Time and Fun, Bart Baker

Another great book for your agency to read was published less than a year ago and currently holds a 4.7 out of 5 star rating with readers. Baker writes to a broad audience, challenging both new agents and insurance veterans to learn the keys of getting out of the typical rut many agents slip into. From advice on how to build an agency’s vision, to maximizing sales growth, this book has a variety of tips and methods to help everyone at all levels of your agency.  

3. So You Want to Be an Insurance Agent (Third Edition), Jeff Hastings

Only published a few years ago, Hasting’s book offers a holistic collection of business tools for experienced and new agents alike. He writes about licensing guidelines, forming business plans and agency advice. Although this book is largely focused on agents who wish to create their own agency, it’s useful even for those already in an established agency to continue improving processes and perfecting tools for success.

4. Secrets of Successful Insurance Sales, Jack Kinder Jr.

Based on an unpublished manuscript by Napoleon Hill — famed author of “Think and Grow Rich” — Kinder’s book takes this content and makes it useful for the 21st century audience of insurance agents. Not just another sales book, it will surprise you with proven secrets of productivity and professionalism in the golden age of insurance that stem from a “value-added” approach to insurance sales.  

5. Leading Your Insurance Agency to Greatness, Dick Briggs

Starting with a self-assessment, this book helps you analyze your characteristics as a leader in order to learn ways you can improve so your agency can thrive. Briggs also provides inspiration and guidance to streamline your company’s infrastructure and services.

6. Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!), Stephen Schiffman

Think that cold calling success is a thing of the past? In this latest edition, Schiffman argues this is a false idea, detailing why cold calling is still relevant and highly useful in creating leads and closing sales. Yet, he also discusses how this works best when integrated with email messages and online networking to bridge the old traditions with new marketing strategies for the ultimate in modern day insurance success. A must-read for all your insurance agents and sales managers.

7. Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional, Eric Worre

Not just for agencies in the marketing industry, this book is the ultimate guide for insurance agencies wanting to take the next step in gaining a broader network and building more sales opportunities for agents and other team members. From finding and talking to prospects, to building a customer base and attending networking events, Worre’s book can help you and your agency become an expert in network marketing, which is sure to make your company a leader in the industry.