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How to Revitalize Your Cold Calling Strategy

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Have you been stuck in a sales slump lately? One culprit could be your approach to cold calling in order to gain more leads and customers. The insurance business does offer a great benefit compared to other industries — everyone needs insurance, so the potential for new clients is nearly always there.

However, if your cold calling methods aren’t working, then you will lose out on the sales potential. Not sure what your next step should be to fix the issue? Here are some ways to help you revitalize your strategy.

Smile Before You Dial

This may make you feel slightly goofy, but research shows that putting on a smileprovides a couple key benefits, such as reduced stress and improved rapport with customers. If it helps, try thinking of your favorite people or activities before dialing your next client. You may be surprised with how big of an impact a small change can have.

Focus on Information Gathering First

Sometimes people tend to talk more about themselves when they become nervous or stressed. If you worry you may be one of them, you should actively try to improve thefocus of the conversation towards asking questions, rather than providing your sales pitch first.

When you do have something to say in response to their answers, try limiting yourself to a couple sentences. The key here is to create a viable dialogue that your customer will want to continue participating in, rather than giving them yet another reason to get off the phone.

Practice Responding to Objections in Advance

One way many insurance agents struggle to close a sale is by not knowing how to deal with rejections. Generally, there may be a variation of objections people use to turn you away, but several of them will sound similar.

If you keep track of some of the most common concerns or objections you hear over a given time period, you can assess how you might be able to better handle them in the future, rather than scrambling to come up with a response at the last second.

Offer Solutions and Benefits

As an insurance agent, you should also keep in mind how your products and services offer solutions and benefits that are valuable (or even priceless) to your market’s customers. Simply telling the basics of what a policy would include may entice some clients to buy if they already know how these details will provide a benefit to them, but most do not.

Remember: you are there to offer help and assistance in a personable way. Aim to be a trustworthy and engaging resource, not a computer with automated responses.