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How Negativity Could Be Affecting Your Agency’s Success

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It is no secret that negative people can often bring others down with them, spreading their emotional energy around as if it were the flu. Although there will always be hard times for everyone — days or weeks when nothing seems to be going right, personal hardships, etc. — it is important to pay attention when bad energy begins to become a larger issue.

If you have noticed a trending slump in sales or productivity from your agency, something you should not overlook is the overall workplace environment your managers, agents or other team members are creating. Here are some key ways negativity could ultimately be affecting your agency’s success and what you can do about it.

Negative Comments Impact Communication

Great communication between employees is vital to the success of any company, and with the number of people insurers talk to on a regular basis, this is potentially even more important for agencies. While it can be easy to spot blatant negativity in verbal conversations, it can be harder to ensure these kinds of issues aren’t arising in textual communications.

The rise of online instant messaging systems, social media and email has shown to make it easier for people to feel more comfortable being mean or harsh to other people since they aren’t speaking face to face. When communication is hindered by negativity in any form, it can cause tension between individuals and can affect the efficiency of important projects your agency is working on.

Negative Energy Decreases Creativity and Teamwork Success

When people constantly provide negative feedback, others almost always begin to feel stifled and less innovative at work. Constructive criticism is the most helpful, but without careful consideration of other individuals, new and beneficial ideas will likely stay behind closed mouths. Negativity also makes it exponentially harder to complete tasks and projects as a team, let alone do them successfully.

Less Positivity, Less Productivity

Negativity in many ways can snowball so that it greatly damages your agency’s workplace environment and even your closing ratio. Bad energy naturally brings people to feel less motivated, less cooperative, frustrated and tired. And this doesn’t just happen for those hearing or receiving negative energy — the people who focus more on the negatives are more likely to feel the same way. All of this can add up to a team of agents who don’t work well together, aren’t driven to succeed anymore and produce fewer sales for your agency.

How to Handle Negativity and Sustain a Positive Workplace

One of the most important ways you can improve the workplace environment within your agency is by addressing the individuals or groups who are spreading negative comments and actions. As a leader of an agency, you should also set the standard by promoting positive energy whenever possible, providing helpful feedback when necessary and having an open door to those who may need some guidance on communication issues with negative employees.