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Luck vs. Skill: The Truth About Selling Insurance

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Some people may believe that being a successful person in sales often depends on pure luck while others argue luck has nothing to do with it. So, which is it? Does selling something that everyone needs, such as insurance, have more to do with luck or with skill? Turns out, being a successful insurance agent likely involves a little (or a lot) of both.

What Does Luck Have to Do With It?

As much as some stand by their belief in skill and hard work, the truth is that sometimes leads and sales will just come your way without much hard work involved at all. This can be seen in cases where hardworking and experienced agents can’t seem to close a single sale for a period of time while others hardly have to say much at all before clients are ready to sign up for a new policy.

However, it’s also possible that your chances of luck are greater the more disciplined you are. The more chances you give yourself to talk to prospective clients, the greater your chances of hitting a gold mine several times over.

The Skills Agents Need for Success

This is not to say that insurance agents will be able to make a decent living purely out of luck. In fact, there are several key skills the best insurance agents have all worked hard to obtain and their effects on success can’t be ignored.
1. Communication skills. Both verbal and nonverbal communication skills have a great impact on closing sales ratios. They also help boost the chances of customers referring new leads to you.

2. Listening skills. Even the best communicators can fail miserably if they don’t take the time to listen carefully before they speak. Understand customers’ needs clearly, and you’ll be better able to respond with helpful suggestions and solutions to their problems.

3. Persistence and determination. This is more than just a natural quality, seeing as many people have a hard time learning to be persistent in order to reach their goals. Working hard to push forward even when you feel like you are failing is a skill required in selling insurance successfully.