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How Insurers Can Use the Online World to Boost Business

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Considering that almost 90 percent of the U.S. uses the Internet as of 2014 and over80 percent of consumers conduct online research before buying, it is no secret that the online world has plenty of potential for businesses. Especially for industries that have traditionally been slow to adapt to new technologies, such as insurance, the Internet offers several benefits, platforms and methods that can exponentially improve sales leads and closing ratios. Here are just a few of these ways all insurers should try.

Engagement and Brand Awareness Through Social Media

For companies that wish to expand their awareness into new cities, states or regions, social media is a great tool. Since users have the ability to share public posts that businesses publish, write reviews, or share experiences about companies that others know little about, insurers can reach new audiences they would not otherwise reach through traditional methods.

Social media also opens the door for communication between policyholders and insurers, allowing carriers and agencies to engage with one another without typical wait times through website contact forms or emails.

Online Customer Service

One of the biggest trends expecting to become standard in 2016 is online customer service assistance. While it is still important to have traditional methods for policyholders to get in touch with insurers, such as phone and email, online customer service provides an instant-message option that can often provide a great method for the millennial generation to use.

For companies that don’t already have this feature, this should be something to begin working on and looking into, as it will only gain traction moving forward and may lead some customers to choosing a competitor instead.

Website Tools and Information for Insureds and Agents

All insurance carriers and agencies should provide important tools and information on their websites for both policyholders and employees. This can include finding office locations, filing claims, getting answers to FAQs and more. Insurers shouldn’t underestimate the value of having a viewer-friendly website for all audiences who would visit their site on a regular basis.