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What Insurance Agencies Should Look for in New Hires

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Many people today view insurance as a traditional industry that has often been conservative when it comes to making big changes. This can make it difficult for carriers and insurance agencies to find young, new talent to bring in — something to worry about considering the numbers of those in the industry who will be retiring soon.

To overcome some major challenges ahead for insurance, companies should start seeking new hires who have certain skills and personality traits. Although education and experience will always vary and will hold some level of value to employers in insurance, the following list of characteristics is one all companies in the industry need in order to not only sustain themselves amidst challenges, but excel in a changing world.

1. Adaptability

Insurance markets can be highly competitive. Carriers and insurance agencies alike should highly consider workers who are great at adapting to new changes and challenges in the industry.

2. Motivation

This one may seem like common sense to some, but it is highly valuable to have someone who is motivated — not just someone who is experienced or educated. And while it is extremely helpful to find individuals who fit all of these characteristics, hiring people who are driven to succeed is one of the best decisions you can make as an employer.

3. Personality and communication skills.

This is important for nearly every job, but especially for those positions involving sales, customer service and claims. People with professional, yet warm and personable qualities can do wonders for your brand, your customer satisfaction, and your overall work environment.

4. Technology proficiency.

Especially for departments like marketing and IT, finding new talents who have a knack for everything tech related can greatly jumpstart much-needed changes in the insurance industry. From operating systems and cyber risk management platforms to search engine optimization and social media strategy, carriers and agencies should search for new hires with backgrounds in computer science, marketing and communications.  

5. Innovation.

For those who don’t want their companies to fall behind in the waves of new insurance strategy and customer engagement, it is important to seek out individuals who strive for innovation. Sometimes this can mean looking for new hires outside of the traditional realm, since innovation often comes hand in hand with creativity and vision. However, the benefits of finding and keeping these individuals as employees in the long term are exponentially higher than sticking with those who only follow the status quo.