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How Mobile Apps and Pictures May Change Insurance Claims Procedures

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“There’s an app for that” is now such a common expression, it should come as no surprise that even the insurance industry is following suit by creating mobile apps for policyholders. While most people probably don’t need an insurance app to adjust their coverage or to pay bills, policyholders can now use their mobile phones to easily file claims.

Claims Procedures Before the Digital Age

Traditionally, the insurance business has been an extremely paper-oriented industry. Claims and other complex procedures have often involved moving hefty paperwork and files from one place to another, lengthening each process time. Although there weren’t many alternatives in the past, technological advances over the last 20 years have enabled this inefficient system to transform into a more productive way of doing business.

Benefits of Filing Claims With Mobile Apps

One of the greatest benefits of creating insurance mobile apps is the ability for policyholders to document pictures and videos of belongings and damages. Easy access to documenting photographs can greatly help with managing claims and protecting against fraud. Some apps allow you to catalog items and create inventory so that in the case of fire, natural disaster or crime, the process is streamlined for the insurer.  

How Other Insurers Can Catch Up

With millions of people now using smartphones for practically everything, it’s time for insurers not already involved in mobile apps to get in the game. Insurance & Technology has even compiled a list of several keys to successful mobile claims for insurers. They suggest getting started as soon as possible (no matter the carrier size), to use customer-facing apps to improve customer service, employ apps that involve both policyholders and employees, prepare for security concerns and be ready to make necessary adjustments down the road.