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How to Retain Customers Through Claims Experiences

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Any time insureds experience a loss and have to file a claim, they are likely feeling angry, anxious, frustrated, scared, or a mix of these emotions. Chances are, they are also feeling a loss of control. However, when policyholders know they can trust their agent and their insurance carrier to take over and make the claims process as easy for them as possible, this is truly when they begin to see the value of their insurance coverage and of your role in helping them regain what they have lost.  

Ease of Reporting

The first contact insureds have when filing claims is crucial. This step should immediately begin to ease their mind, whether they call you first or report directly to ASI. We have a few clear, simple options for your customers to report their claims in the way that feels most comfortable to them. Our Claims Department has a toll-free number (866-274-5677) and email (, but policyholders may also report a claim through our online form.

Quick Response Time

They’ve made the call, or submitted the online report. Now what? The customer wants to hear what’s going to happen next, and how soon they will be able to get their life back to normal. A prompt response goes a long way in reducing the anxiety they feel, and letting them know we are working hard to compensate them for their loss as quickly as possible. With ASI, you know your customer will hear back within 24 hours at the very least, but you should also be sure to check up with them whenever you have updates.

Getting to the Payoff

Policyholders likely want to get their checks and forget the claims ever happened. Obviously, some claims are simple and quick to settle, and others take more time and investigation. Your goal, and ours too, is to make that process as quick and easy for the customer as possible. Be sure to keep them informed along the way, provide tips to assist them with the process and suggestions to protect against more losses in the future. This is all an important key in ensuring their satisfaction, and this is where you can really shine. They’ll appreciate not only hearing from their ASI adjuster, but also knowing you are engaged and following up regularly on the progress of their claim.

Strengthening Relationships and Building Loyalty

Consumer Reports states, “The test of any insurer’s responsiveness to its customers is how well it handles claims.” We agree, and we are as committed as you are to making sure our mutual customers are well taken care of. Handling our claims with top-quality service, care, and understanding helps us all to continue building long-term relationships with loyal customers.