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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Agencies in 2016

Posted by: Cornelia Winn

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Two of the biggest ways companies succeed are evaluating results and planning for improvement. As we come to the end for this year and step closer to 2016, it’s a good idea to consider how your agency has done well in 2015 and how it can do even better next year. If you are looking for 2016 New Year’s resolution ideas for your agency, here are a few that are sure to inspire you.

1. Review your numbers.

From growth tracking and retention ratios to lead generation and average sales, there are a variety of numbers your agency should already be tracking. But do you have a system in place to track them on a regular basis? Your agency and team members should review and discuss these numbers on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis to ensure you are consistently working toward improvement. If you do not already have a system to help you access this information quickly, make this your top priority going into the new year.

2. Boost your social media usage.

Companies all over the world are experiencing countless advantages of social media, and the insurance industry is no different. If your agency has seen a drop in leads or sales over the last few years and you aren’t active on any social networks, you could be losing out to the competition. If the thought of joining social platforms all at once seems intimidating, start out 2016 with one account like LinkedIn or Facebook and see how it goes. However, keep in mind that many benefits of these tools don’t happen overnight or on its own. Try teaming up to make a social media plan for the year and schedule posts on a regular basis each week.

3. Start a book club for your agents.

Although this resolution may be a little less modern than using social media, it can help your insurance agency by focusing on those who help make your agency successful. Starting a book club for your employees doesn’t have to take away from your bigger goals either. Many companies who have book clubs spin the focus to be more business-oriented. Look for books about the insurance industry, sales and customer service, business strategy, marketing, or networking. If you have agents who commute, you can even choose books that come in audio format so they can listen on the way to and from work.

4. Update your website.

Now that nearly everything has gone digital, your website should reflect exactly how you want others to see you as an insurance agency. Whether your website hasn’t been touched since it first went live two decades ago or has been minimally updated only once or twice over the years, your website should do a number of things. Here are just a few:

– Make your agency stand out from the crowd

– Be easy to use and informative for both general and specific audiences

– Tell your agency’s story, mission, and/or values

– Provide up-to-date contact information

Considering that many (if not all) of your new leads will check your website first before doing anything else, be sure you’re leaving a great first impression.

5. Become a Progressive Home agency.

Progressive Home provides multiple advantages that enable agents to build new customer bases and retain existing clients. From bundling options and name recognition to discounts and competitive rates, becoming a Progressive Home agency will tout countless benefits that will be sure to bring you growth and success in 2016 and beyond.