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Five Strategies for Selling Homeowners Insurance

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While promoting homeowners insurance, new and seasoned agents can always benefit from strategies aimed at boosting conversion rates and customer satisfaction. For instance, solid online and offline public relations can bolster trust and name recognition. Independent agents wishing to build their business should make sure they use the following strategies:

Tap Into the Online Audience

Individuals who want to purchase insurance plans will research multiple carriers online, and about a third of these prospects will even view the social media profiles of some insurance agents. To help reach prospects online, independent agents should consistently post updates about homeowners insurance to their professional company pages or profiles on social media networks. Additionally, those looking to reach an even broader audience can utilize Facebook ads.

Address Frequently Asked Questions

As mentioned, today’s sales rely heavily on web-based marketing. Agents with websites should make sure they include a page for frequently asked questions, and post articles addressing some of the most common concerns. The availability of comprehensive lists of common questions and detailed answers can increase an insurance agent’s conversion rates. Twitter provides another excellent platform for prospects to quickly and easily ask insurance-related questions and for agents to respond.

Become a Risk Expert

The more client questions and concerns an agent can answer with authority, the better. To further serve clients and reach prospects, an agent should thoroughly research the types of natural disasters that could occur in the geographic areas they cover. Agents can foster client trust and retention by demonstrating knowledge and expertise surrounding the latest risks and related coverage options.

Strategically Apply Testimonials

Since some consumers rely heavily on reviews when choosing to purchase anything, referrals and client testimonials can open doors for independent agents looking to grow their business. LinkedIn and Facebook provide a good platform for existing clients to rate and review insurance agencies and independent agents alike. Agents should always encourage loyal customers to share their positive experiences online, even if it requires an incentive, such as a name drawing or giveaway.

Bundling is Beneficial

When marketing homeowners insurance, agents can also offer umbrella insurance, policies for investors and flood insurance. Bundling options allow agents to offer a reduced monthly premium, plus it streamlines the client experience when they can purchase multiple plans through a single channel, which boosts retention.