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Top 5 Prospect Pain Points and How to Address Them

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One of the keys to transitioning a prospective client into an insured one is understanding pain points typically associated with an individual in the market for insurance. Keep the following in mind when meeting with prospects:

Communication Misunderstandings

During a session regarding possible insurance coverage, prospective clients might have questions, but they also want to express their thoughts and concerns to the insurance agent. Prospect meetings provide the ideal opportunity to clarify any misunderstandings and address any questions, setting the tone for a positive agent-client relationship in the future.

An independent insurance agent should give prospects a wide berth and an appropriate amount of time to voice their concerns, needs, objectives, fears and concerns. Being a patient listener is a key strategy to ensure transitioning a consumer from being a prospect to becoming a client.

Money Concerns

An important prospect pain point is the costs of insurance coverage. Moreover, prospects might be concerned about whether their premiums might rise. Reliable data, including historical information associated with a particular type of property and casualty policy, goes far in alleviating these very real concerns.

Customer Service Reservations

Sometimes prospects have had bad past customer relations experiences, which can make them wary when it comes to major purchase decisions. Agents can put prospects at ease by providing precise and detailed information about customer service availabilities through the agency and the insurance company. Negative online reviews exist, and, unfortunately, potential customers will read them when conducting their research. If the prospect brings up any negative reviews or ratings, directly and openly explain what might have happened and what steps the company is taking to prevent it from happening in the future.

Agent Background

Unless a prospect has a prior relationship with an agent, that individual might have concerns surrounding the background and abilities of an agent. Agents can address this pain point by building rapport and providing references during an initial consultation with a prospect.

Insurer Background

A similar pain point exists regarding the background of the insurance company. As is the case with an agent’s experience, an independent agent should have succinct, understandable information and data about insurers readily available at the initial meeting with a prospect.