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Improving the Client’s Experience During the Purchase Decision

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Working with a new prospect can prove both exhilarating and challenging. However, effective insurance agents know that the key to sustained customer satisfaction and client retention begins during the initial phases of the relationship, including the actual purchase decision. Many homeowners, especially new ones, might find the insurance process intimidating and will rely on their agent for support and guidance. Here are a few things to keep in mind when working with clients during the tenuous purchase decision phase:

Keep Choices to a Minimum

The less options a prospect has to debate over, the better. If an agent bombards a prospect with every option imaginable, they will quickly discover that some products do not apply to their specific needs and consequently lose faith that their agent has their best interests in mind. Especially with new homeowners, do the necessary research to filter out the less-than-ideal options beforehand. This demonstrates you know your client well enough to provide suitable options, and shortens the deliberation period.

Anticipate Your Client’s Needs

When companies refer to building trust among consumers, it does not necessarily refer to trusting the integrity of the brand’s product. Rather, the core of building trust has to do with how well the company anticipates their customers needs. As an independent agent, you should know each client well enough to anticipate the questions and concerns they might bring up prior to, and during, the purchasing decision. You can dramatically enhance your client’s purchasing experience by having solutions readily available. Perfectly tailored advice will show you truly hear your client’s concerns and understand their needs.

Stick to the Necessities

While it might sound counterintuitive to an insurance sales agent, limiting client exposure to the extra plan add ons will actually improve the client’s overall purchasing decision experience and set the tone for a healthy partnership going forward. Property casualty insurance policies are complex documents. Introducing new information at inopportune times or pushing additional products will only distract and confuse your client. Agents can help simplify the process for their prospects by helping them navigate and weigh information, as needed, along the path to purchase. By simplifying decisions early on, agents can reap major benefits in the long run.