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Reasons Going Paperless can Enhance Your Client's Experience

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Going paperless can greatly reduce consumption and environmental impact. The environment, however, can seem intangible when compared to daily business operations. Consequently, helping the environment alone does not drive independent insurance agents to paperless technology. Many still feel that the simplicity and security of traditional pen and paper will suffice. Nevertheless, with changing technology, paperless options provide better security than hard copies. Most importantly, with solutions like eSign, going paperless will enhance overall client experience and, as a result, improve business.

Paperless Solutions Reduce Confusion

The advent of the cloud has made paper virtually obsolete. Agents now have the ability to document every contact and contract in an accessible and secure space. This can help reduce the instances of lost documents from improper filing or misplacement. Going paperless allows agents to quickly and easily search and access important client information, further streamlining business operations.

Going Paperless Saves Resources and Space

Clients trust their agent to keep important insurance information safe and organized. Paperless and cloud technology provide agents with the ability to securely backup and organize documents without filing cabinets or external hard drives taking up valuable office space. Additionally, going paperless makes it easy for the client to have digital copies for his or her own records. Clients can rest assured that their valuable documents will remain properly archived for quick access, if necessary.

Paperless Tech Facilitates Communication

Digital transfer of documents happens immediately, no need to print and mail. This also allows for swift feedback when it comes to any client concerns or questions, speeding up the communication process and daily operations. Additionally, with paperless technology, agents have a better workflow overview, so they can quickly assess and address any potential issues with clients, even before they occur. Clients will appreciate working with independent agents who have the foresight to anticipate their needs.