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How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Insurance Business

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These days, the online social connection is everything, and not just in personal lives, but for our businesses as well. Younger, tech-savvy consumers rely on social media to inform their purchasing choices from fashion accessories to their first home, and everything in between. For them, buying insurance is no different – any company or agent that wants their business has to catch their attention through social media first. As an independent agent, here are a few ways you can leverage each platform:


This remains the quintessential social medium through which satisfied clients can demonstrate their connection to you, either by liking you personally or by following your corporate Facebook page. Personal pages are a good tool for reaching people through genuine one-on-one connections; however, it’s possible for your life outside the office to bleed over into your Facebook in unexpected and undesirable ways. A corporate presence is much less personal, but overall, the safer choice, especially if managed by someone familiar with social media marketing.


This platform allows users to post short messages, or “tweets,” on an ongoing basis, giving the impression of a real-time connection. Businesses can use tweets to advertise deals, special promotions, news, and many other tidbits, as well as sharing others’ tweets to create a socially-driven experience. As an agent, you can use Twitter to connect with prospects, follow your favorite trade journals for the latest news, and share valuable information with your followers. Companies have had issues with poorly planned or inappropriate tweets, so be prepared to handle any potential missteps as these can easily go viral.


This site features user-curated collages of images, known as boards, that generally center around one topic per board. Individuals often use them for craft projects, decorating ideas, and even recipe collections. An insurance agent could create boards on topics relevant to different insurance products (homeowners, renters, investment, etc.) or boards that cater to different types of clients. Pinterest provides an excellent space for collecting and sharing infographics, too, which can prove helpful when educating clients and prospects.


This career-oriented site offers a great way for agents to showcase everything about themselves that sets them apart from the competition – education, experience, awards, social networks, and group memberships. Most importantly, LinkedIn serves as an excellent platform for promoting thought leadership. If you have a professional blog, for example, you can promote your latest post via LinkedIn. Users can also receive endorsements for their skills and expertise from others on LinkedIn, such as colleagues and clients. Plus, LinkedIn offers the possibility of making real-world connections with associates of those already in your network, increasing your pool of prospective new customers.