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3 Ways to Leverage Group Sales

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As an insurance agent, you likely have a series of strategies you use to find prospective clients. While meeting with clients on an individual basis is necessary at times, finding prospective clients is ultimately a numbers game — and increasing your numbers is easier when you reach more prospective clients all at once. But how? Two words: group sales.

Group sales can be done in a variety of ways, but ultimately boils down to getting as many people together as possible to hear your message. Not sure where to start? Learn three ways you can start leveraging group sales below.

1. Host a Lunch

Let’s be real — free food just puts people in a better mood. That’s why hosting a lunch is a great way to reach a group of prospective clients while keeping the mood up and maintaining a personable touch. Try bringing in a catered meal to a group of prospective clients and discussing your product offerings before everyone digs in. This way, you will be able to spread your message to a large group without having to force everyone to sit in a cold boardroom while listening to a standard PowerPoint presentation. After lunch, have your information ready to pass out to guests. We guarantee people will remember you as the nice insurance agent who bought them lunch, rather than the insurance agent who was just trying to make a sale.

2. Utilize Google Hangouts

Getting a group together can be difficult considering prospective clients’ busy schedules — but Google+ offers many valuable resources for insurance agents to participate in group interactions and discussions completely online. Take for example Google Hangouts, which allows you to easily set up a webinar between you and a large group. This is an easy way to reach a group of prospective clients without having to stress over scheduling a time that works for everyone to get together face to face. Better yet, setting up a Google Hangout is simple. To do so, all of you have to do is set the time and date, write a description, change the audience setting to “Public,” and use your contact list to invite others to join the discussion.

Pro tip: Once the webinar is over, you can make it available on social media for those who may have missed it. It’s an easy way to reach even more potential clients and establish yourself as an industry expert.

3. Participate In a Charity Event

What’s better than generating leads while also giving back to the community? Participating in (or organizing your own) charity events not only appeals to prospective clients who want to better the community or support a worthwhile cause, but it also provides a great opportunity to connect with those participating on a more personable level.